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Welcome to Digital Productions – we are your specialists in online video production and can script, film, produce and even host your website video.  We also provide full production services for TVC’s or can create a mini programme to better promote you on the big screen and online.

About Us

With a background in film, television commercials and direct marketing video, Digital Productions evolved to become one of the first specialised online video production services in New Zealand.

Whilst video has always been one of the best forms of storytelling – the evolution of online video provides the opportunity to tell a story to the masses without the traditional distribution costs.  Digital Productions has been at the forefront of this digital revolution for over 10 years.  Read more about us.

The facilitation of online video requires specific technical aptitude in addition to providing opportunities to develop storylines for a more discerning and interactive audience.

Whilst website video specialists, we also continue to provide a complete production services for television commercials and are able to provide other video production companies access to our sound studio and editing facilities.

Video Production Services

At Digital Productions we provide you with a one stop shop for your online video, TVC or customised video production.   A video that is promoting a product or service and viewed online needs to be scripted to take advantage of the viewer interactive opportunities that the internet provides.  Likewise a TVC should always be produced with online opportunities in mind to maximise the value of the production budget.

At Digital Productions we are specialists in scripting video for the web – but also have the grunt to provide a total production service for your high definition TVC or programme.

Read more about our Video Production services.

Television Commercials

TVC’s still provide advertisers with the ultimate in push media – a short, sharp and direct shot at the masses, with key messages and branding repeated often.  At Digital Productions we provide a total TVC package including concept development, scripting, filming and editing and our in house audio production facility ensure that your TVC will sound as good as it looks.

Read more about our Television Commercial Production services.

Online Video Marketing

Once you have had your video produced –its time to get maximum value by ensuring it has the best potential for distribution and viewing.

Read more about Online Video Marketing.

Internet Video and the Digital Revolution

Every day, many of us will be on the internet. And one of the functions which we will perform will be to make an online search for a key word or phrase. In fact, of the one billion people on line, half will conduct a search function every day, and of these, 90 percent use Google.

Increasingly though, with the phenomenal growth in the volume of online video, searchers are finding answers to their questions in a video, rather than a text based result. Type any word or phrase into the video website YouTube, as you would with Google, and you will often find multiple videos of your search topic.

Videos, video podcasts and video blogs are the next phase of the digital revolution. That’s probably why Google paid a just over one and a half billion for YouTube in 2007. And at that time they were already looking beyond computer users.

Convergence of online video with television, whilst still sluggish, is set to expand at a pace that mirrors the explosive growth of video content online. Both the upload of web video and download of video from the internet have increased at astronomical rates since 2006. YouTube went from 10 million video clips downloaded daily in 2007, to 100 million daily video downloads in 2008. Upload of video content to YouTube is currently at 20 hours loaded every minute. And with the launch of the new iPod, there was an increase of 400 percent in the upload of video content from mobile phones. In fact, mobile phone video is set to become the largest single source of video footage, world wide.

With this volume of video content, the world is not going to accept watching video on the laptop or desktop – hence the fast tracking of integrated television with the internet.

YouTube is set to become for entertainment and “infortainment” what Google is for sourcing information by key word or phrase. Whilst the video content on YouTube is currently limited in duration, with broadcast rights to MGM Films, and more agreements on the way, the site is preparing itself to be the global default supplier of online video content.

And with Google now looking to take on Microsoft, developing an operating system of its own, it will soon be ready to advance the battle from a bit of a digital revolution, to online and live global domination.

In the meantime, the next stage of the digital revolution may very well be the convergence of YouTube and Skype or other live video linking websites.

Whilst our time online is already very high, with convergence of the internet and television, the potential is there to spend more of our time online than in any other activity – bar sleeping. (If only just).

Very soon, our television viewing may be as follows;

Imagine after returning home from work, you will not switch on television, instead you will “log in” to the TV, and the default window, or channel menu, will most probably be YouTube.

You decide to watch a sporting event, and upon entering the sport name in the search bar of YouTube, find yourself presented with dozens, if not hundreds of options of video content, ranging from films, to professional production, to home made documentaries.

Having selected your preference of online video entertainment, you settle comfortably back in the couch with a cold one. Then, mid game – the Skype icon flashes up, you hit pause and have a video call, face to face with a friend, who may just be watching the same thing – because they logged on and saw what you were viewing.

At the end of the call, the video resumes – or perhaps you chose to split the screen and watched the game and had a chat simultaneously – the options, like the internet, are practically limitless.

The video revolution is not just limited to entertainment. Online education via stored and live video will become a standard format. Online surgery using live video links, online driving lessons – linking virtual cars to video screens, online pizza orders – where you get to see the ingredients going onto your pizza in real time, all aspects of our everyday lives are going to become digital video.

And whilst we are getting our heads around the current online video revolution, its implications and potential, what is really mind boggling is that the founder of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, has said that so far we have only seen about five percent of what the net can deliver.

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Favourite Videos

Sovereign – Life. Take Charge. Time Lapse

Time-lapse video for Sovereign’s “Life. Take Charge.” campaign.

Firstmate Accountants

This is the homepage video for Firstmate Accountant services. Interviews with chartered accountants Terry Nicholas, Andrew Maddren and first mate Amanda Clark. Dancers TVC

This is the third in a 3 part television commercial series, written and produced by John Ferris (Windup Bird), shot by Jason Dorday, DOP’d, edited, graphic animation and engineered by Digital Productions for, aired April 1st 2013 on TVNZ1,2,U and On Demand.

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