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Digital Productions to launch new TVC production service

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– Digital Productions to launch new TVC production service.
– Multi-multi-multi award winning writer buddies up with the team.
– Why successful web videos don’t have to be global, viral sensation.
– Websites and Google replacing Yellow Pages.

Digital Productions to launch new TVC production service.

Since starting up as a web and online focused AV production facility in 2006, we’ve always kept in mind the need to develop into a full service facility.  September sees Digital Productions launch its television commercial service with the completion of two TVC’s for EzyCash Loans.

The 15 and 30 second commercials are graphic heavy, as the outlets are still going through a bit of a make over – but the new, clean brand image is clearly displayed, plus the overall feel delivers a clear message that the team at EzyCash Loans are the good guys of pawnbroking.

With the recession, SME’s and individuals are finding funding from traditional bank services drying up, so the pawn broking industry is gearing up. Nearly 50 percent of loans in the US are now from non traditional bank services – and so EzyCash Loans are giving their business a serious make over and are looking to develop the brand with television advertising playing a key role.

Having our own filming and editing facilities all under one roof enable Digital Productions to offer quality TVC production, for a reasonable budget.

Contact us now for a quote on your next TVC.

Multi-multi-multi award winning writer buddies up with the team.

With Digital Productions finding itself stretched in so many ways by the evolving use of online media, it’s darn handy to find a darn good writer – who’s a darn good bloke to boot and get him to join the darn team!  Introducing multi-multi-multi award winning writer and creative type – John Ferriss.   (Yes he merits multi-multi’s). John is now available to step in and take those creative brief’s by the horns.  As an independent creative who runs his own service – Windup Bird, John is now contracted by Digital Productions to help cover the expanding work load.  Send in those briefs now! Contact us.

Why a great web video doesn’t have to be a global sensation.

It seems that everyday we hear reference to one online video or another.  It is fascinating to see how these spread as an electronic AV virus around the world. The content is usually in reference to some performance, political gaffe or such, and occasionally a commercial, specifically made for the internet – promoting a large brand in a risqué clip.

The key element for many of these video snippets is entertainment – they are brief moments of time out from our day.   Businesses are increasingly incorporating a plan to make the most of the potential that online video presents.  It is an ideal medium to spread the word of a product or service.

However, the key element that is often forgotten is the craft of story telling, and applying some standard creative smarts.

For a business website, you don’t have to make entertainment a priority – someone who logs onto your website is already interested in your product or service, take this as a given.  How long they stay on your site will be directly related to how well you tell your story.  How impressed they are – or how it impacts upon their perception of your brand, product or service will probably be in the style of delivery.

Whilst we can all look to trying to create the next global, online, viral video sensation, it’s probably best to start with some standard video content on your website – then look to flex the creative muscle.  Remember – if you do drive a wave of traffic to your site – make sure it’s up to date and has plenty of video content already on it.

Looking at a specific example, several years ago we had a client come to us with a viral video marketing idea.  The concept was to use one of their spa pools in a stunt – film it and put it online.

The outcome would be a lot of irrelevant traffic, and a broken spa.  There was also the obvious idea of filming bikini clad bodies frolicking in said tub, and how that would draw a crowd.  But it would be the wrong crowd.  Upon investigation it was found that the key purchase decision maker was the wife or partner and typically they were couples, 30 to 49 years of age.

So with this in mind, and as they were on a tight budget, we decided to do a traditional, interview style video, with cut away shots. Simple enough, but we added a twist, the interview was conducted in the spa!

As an example of a “who we are and what we do” type video, this is still one of my favourites. The forum is engaging, informative and there’s just enough humour to entertain.  Best of all, it was a very simple and inexpensive production.  And after three years the video is as relevant today as it was the day we shot it, excellent value!  See

Whilst there’s no doubt that practically every business will benefit from joining the video revolution, how well video works for you will come down to having a good website video strategy, and telling your story well.  To have your story told with a web video – contact us today.

Websites and Google replacing Yellow Pages.

You don’t have to be particularly observant to notice a change in the use of the stalwart of small business marketing – the Yellow Pages.

Whilst the attached picture provides a visual reference to the trend (shows the 2010 directory as being about 15% thinner than 08),  the online data backs it up even more.  There is a steady stream of research, reports and announcements promoting how print based, classified type advertising, including the Yellow Pages, has been hit hard by the swing towards online search services and in particular – Google.

Most of us who go online use a search engine every day to find everything from aborist’s to zoo’s.  And why wouldn’t you?  Just type in the key word of a product or service you are after and generally, click – there’s your answer.  However many of the businesses that benefited the most from Yellow Pages advertising are missing out on this quick and low cost marketing opportunity as their prospective customers struggle to find them, particularly if they are a smaller, local service.

The first reason is that many small businesses still don’t have a website.  And many that do have a site are not covering the basics of search engine optimisation.  At the least you should ensure you clearly display your catchment area suburb by suburb, not only on the site but also in your key words and tags.  It is also a common theme with sites to have a separate “contact” page.  This is still important – but so is putting your key contact details, in particular your contact phone number/s clearly at the top of the page.

Often people are just looking for your website as a quick solution to getting your phone contact – and it becomes a very frustrating process if they find themselves having to troll through pages to find it.

Ideally your business is in both the Yellow Pages and has its own website – but with use of the Yellow Pages dropping off, it may be that you need to seriously review how well your business stacks up when it comes up ( or not) on Google or other search engines.  For a free SEO audit on your business – Contact us.

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This is the third in a 3 part television commercial series, written and produced by John Ferris (Windup Bird), shot by Jason Dorday, DOP’d, edited, graphic animation and engineered by Digital Productions for, aired April 1st 2013 on TVNZ1,2,U and On Demand.

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